Privacy Policy

Table of contents

  1. General
  2. What personal information do we collect
  3. How we use your personal information
  4. Will your information be shared with anyone
  5. Who will your information be shared with
  6. Do we use cookies and other tracking technologies
  7. How do we handle social logins
  8. Accessing, Reviewing and Changing Your Personal Information
  9. How long do we keep your Data
  10. How do we keep your information safe
  11. Do we collect information from minors
  12. Data breach
  13. Other information

1. General

This privacy policy defines’s guidelines about how a user’s personal data is gathered, used, stored, shared and protected. By using this website and its services, has been given permission by the user to collect, use, release and retain any personal information as stated in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy on occasion, and therefore It is recommended that the user reviews the policy frequently. Any major revisions to this policy will be announced on this website and the revised Privacy Policy shall be effective as of the date it is posted on

This Privacy Policy is effective as of Jul 19, 2020.

2. What personal information do we collect can be accessed with or without a registered account. The user gives permission to send and store personal information on Google servers when they provide such information. Stated below are the variety of personal information that may be collected:

Information collected automatically: When a user visits the website or uses its services, some information is gathered automatically. This information may include the user’s device and usage data, such as the IP address, browser and device characteristics, operating system, language preferences, referring URLs, device name, country, location, data about how services of are utilized, and other technical data. Note that this data does not include any information disclosing the user’s identity or contact information. The purpose of this collected information is mainly to sustain the operation and security of the services provided by, as well as to aid in internal analytics and reporting.

Information provided by the user: Any information entered by the user while visiting or when using any of its services will be collected and saved. This data may include, but is not restricted to:

  • Data that is provided upon registration for an account or any services provided by
  • Data entered into retrospective boards

3. How we use your personal information

The user allows to use their personal information for the following purposes:

  • Providing the user with access to the website, its services and customer support through phone or e-mail.
  • Identifying, avoiding and investigating any activities that may be against the law or prohibited, fraudulent activities, security contraventions, as well as to enforce this website’s Terms of Use.
  • Displaying advertising that is directed towards the specific user. This may be done by using the user’s information to show advertisements and other material that was created with a focus on the user's preferences and/or location, as well as to measure the efficacy of this method. may also work with third parties that aid in performing these tasks.
  • Facilitating communication between multiple users once each user provides consent to do so.
  • Countering legal matters and inquiries, and avoiding harm. If is to be given a subpoena or other legal inquiry, the data that the website has been provided with may need to be reviewed and analyzed in order to issue an appropriate response.
  • Administering the user’s account and ensuring that all services are operating optimally.
  • may require data to provide certain requested services to the user.
  • Proposing solutions and support for any user requests, as well as any issues the user may experience with the website or any of its services.
  • For various more purposes such as studying and evaluating numerous data, recognizing prominent trends in usage, evaluating the validity of, and improving the website’s marketing promotions, services, products and the user’s overall experience.
  • Data may be stored in a grouped and anonymized state, so that it does not contain personal information and is not incorporated with specific end users. Identifiable personal information will only be stored and used with the user’s consent.

4. Will your information be shared with anyone

Data may be used or shared based on the following legal terms:

  • User’s data may be used if consent is received from the individual to process their personal data for a particular function.
  • Data may be used if required to reach legitimate business goals.
  • If a contract has been established between the user and, the users personal data may be used to satisfy the contracts’ terms.
  • User’s data may be shared if the website has a legal obligation to do so, such as to follow appropriate laws and regulations, to cooperate with governmental requests, judicial proceedings, court orders, or other legal process, i.e. subpoenas and responding to public authorities to comply with national security or law enforcement requirements.
  • Information may also be shared in cases where finds it necessary to examine, avoid or act in response to potential abuses of the website’s policy. This also includes taking action against alleged fraudulent and illegal activities, conditions that pose a threat to an individual’s safety, as well as providing evidence in cases of litigation that may potentially be involved with.
  • Information may also be disclosed to third party vendors, consultants, contractors and service providers that make services available on’s behalf, and require such data to successfully provide those services. This may include the following: data analysis, processing of payments, exchange of emails, customer service, hosting services as well as for advertising purposes.
  • Specific third parties may be given permission to employ tracking technology on some services, allowing them to accumulate information about how a user communicates with certain services over a period. Some of the things this data may be used for includes following and examining data patterns, understanding the demand of specific services and content, and gaining a more thorough comprehension of online interaction. Unless stated in this policy, user data is not disclosed, rented out, or sold for marketing or advertising targets. There are agreements in effect between, and our data processors, which denies them permission to interact with user data in any way, unless directed by us. The user information cannot be shared by these data processors with any organisation other than, and will be stored by them for any period of time specified by us.
  • Data may be shared if a situation of business transfer may occur, or during negotiations. This includes cases of mergers, acquisitions of any type or size, financing, and sale of company assets.

5. Who will your information be shared with

User data and information may only be shared with the following third parties- these are classified into separate groups below to allow for thorough comprehension of the objective behind why your information is collected and how it is processed. Requests for revoking consent to share or process data by users will be considered, please contact for more information.

  • To enable users to access their third-party Accounts
    • Google account
  • Cloud Computing Services
    • Google Cloud Platform
  • Improvement of website functionality and foundation
    • Cloud Firestore
  • Creation and verification of user accounts
    • Google Sign-In
    • Firestore Authentication
  • Analytics of web and mobile services
    • Google Analytics, Google Analytics for Firebase and Google Tag Manager

6. Do we use cookies and other tracking technologies, as well as some of its service providers may add cookies (data files), web beacons (electronic images that are incorporated into the code of a web page) or similar technologies onto a users device or drive when our services are utilized. Cookies allow us to identify a user and therefore optimize the users experience, analyse the effectiveness of promotional material, as well as to maintain protection and trust on our website and all its services.

7. How do we handle social logins

Users are able to login to access’s services, using social media account log-in information such as Twitter, Facebook or Google. When a user decides to log-in to the website in this manner, some profile information shared to us by the third-party social media provider. The information provided depends on the social media provider itself, but at a minimum it will include the following: name, e-mail address, profile picture and other data which the user would consent to be disclosed.

Collected information will only be processed for the reasons stated in this privacy policy, unless otherwise specifically stated by website services. takes no responsibility for how user data is administered by the third-party social media provider, and it is endorsed that their privacy policy is also reviewed and understood by the user to comprehend how data is processed by them, and how to manage privacy settings and preferences while using their services.

8. Accessing, Reviewing and Changing Your Personal Information

User’s personal and account data can only be altered by the user itself by logging into their account. If the user wishes to terminate their account with, they must submit a request to do so, at The request will be managed within a rational period and user data will be administered as applicable by relevant laws. We can also be contacted through for requests of accessing the users personal data that may not be readily available on, except if a relevant law does not allow us to do so. The user may be charged an additional fee to cover operating costs for that service, in accordance with the regulations of the relevant laws. The user may also request to alter or remove certain information if the data is inaccurate, unfinished or unrelated for the functions for which the users data is processed by us- these requests will be handled in agreement with pertinent law.

9. How long do we keep your Data

All data will be retained by for one (1) year to allow the user to renew their subscription and restore all content that was designed by the website’s services. Following the one (1) year period, the user will be informed via email that their information will be permanently deleted from our servers after thirty (30) days, in accordance with the storage limitation clause enforced by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This deletion of data will only affect accounts with inactive users, and does not relate to users holding a free plan subscription.

10. How do we keep your information safe

In order to protect all user data processed by, the website has employed several technical and structural safety procedures; although the user must note that does not guarantee the level of security by the internet itself. will protect the users personal data to the best of its abilities, however it is the responsibility of the user to decide the transfer of their information to and from the website’s services- services should only be interacted with, within a reliable location.

11. Do we collect information from minors

Information will never knowingly be collected from, or marketed to individuals under eighteen (18) years of age. By using’s services, the user represents either that they are over the age of eighteen (18), or are the parent or guardian of someone under the age of eighteen (18) and consent to that minor’s use of the website services. If an account is discovered that was created or is used by a minor, meaning that their information has been collected, said account will immediately be deactivated and all of its data will be removed from the website’s record. If a user becomes aware of a situation in which a minor’s data was collected by, the user should report it at

12. Data breach

A privacy breach is defined as the unauthorized access, gathering, using, deleting, and sharing of personal information. The user will be informed if has a reason to consider that the used is at risk of a data breach. Data breaches may cause serious harm or consequences for the financial, mental, or physical well-being of an individual. Therefore if discovers a security breach which has led to or could potentially lead to unauthorized access, or other forms of data breaches, will rapidly examine the situation and report it to the relevant Supervisory Authority within seventy-two (72) hours of gaining knowledge about it, except if the data breach is improbable to cause a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals.

13. Other information

Unless clearly stated otherwise in this Privacy Policy, the policy is only applicable to the use and disclosure of information collected from the user by This website has no authority or influence over the privacy policies of third-party organizations. When third parties are involved with this websites services, it will be clearly stated which privacy policy is applicable to the user. Thus, it is recommended that the user is involved and asks questions, or for clarifications before they share their personal information with any organization.

In case of any questions or concerns related to’s services, about any data administered in the framework of these services, or about an individual’s rights, please contact us via email at:

Last Modified: Aug 03, 2020